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If you try our test, it is like you have read the complete drivers manual because it contains all the information regarding driving in Austria, traffic rules and regulations, and driving licence mentioned in the manual.

We recommend you take our tests for testing your driving knowledge and prepare ultimately to answer the official exam.

Here is everything you need to know as you drive on Austria lanes

Once you have cleared the test and mastered the driving skill there is no one to stop you from driving on Austria roads, its rather easy to commute than be dependent on someone or take public transport.

Anyone who intends to get driving licence before 18 years requires to have L17 licence.

In Austria, different authorities are involved in issuing the driver’s licence. Generally, the local district administration or municipal executive or state police department deals with the driving matters.

Steps to Obtain Austrian Driving Licence

  • Start learning early by 15 and half years with B17 licence.
  • Claim medical certificate from a qualified doctor.
  • Practice on roads multiple times
  • Undergo series of on road tests.
  • Enrol in a good driving school for theory training.
  • Attempt computerised theory test.
  • Get Austrian Driving Licence from Authorities.

Easy to crack

Obtaining Austrian Driving Licence is as easy as sleeping on a couch or sipping a beverage. Our practice tests will make it possible for you.

Be sure of what needs to be done

Initially, you have to get through both the tests that is Theory tests and practical tests. Before attending the driving test you need to complete 32 hours of training. Within 18 months you are required to clear all driving exams, if not repeat the test.

Develop Impactful strategies for study

The best way to prepare for the actual test is to practice our tests. Also, you will receive necessary sources for your study from your driving school.


First aid course is a must

You have to complete first aid course which might cost you 55 Euros while getting trained for the theory exam. This course duration is 6 hours program. You will learn crucial things like CPR and other emergency essentials.

Know about the Theory test

The Austrian theory exam consists of 40 Multiple-choice questions which is computer-based. It covers 2 modules with 20 questions each. The test is in German so arrange an interpreter to help you during the test. You are given 30 minutes in total, to answer all the questions.

Type Of Test

Practical driving tests in Austria

The practical exams in Austria are conducted in the mornings. You are required to carry passport along with you. The practical test has 3 sections,

  • 1. Firstly, you will be evaluated on the ability to check for car safety, including lighting, brakes, and wheels.
  • 2. Secondly, you will be driving on a peaceful street demonstrating parallel parking and parking back to the area.
  • 3. Thirdly, you will be driving in the city or Autobahn. After which you can have a discussion with your examiner about your performance and clarify your mistakes. In total it might take 45 minutes.

If you pass, you will obtain a temporary licence instantly following you will get the permanent one in few weeks’ time.

Clear in 1st Attempt

The passing percentage you will have to score is 80%. Did you know that the first theory test is free? you need to pay the allotted fees second time onwards. We assure you might not require it, as our practice tests guarantees you success in the 1st attempt.

Our practice tests include all sorts of driving related topics covered in the official test. Our tests are divided into three sections such as, Car Theory Test, Bike Theory Test and Truck Theory Test.

Our test consists of multiple-choice questions on traffic rules, traffic safety and others. The purpose of taking our test is, to build your self-confidence in preparing for the theory test and remain stress-free.

There are 10 Free tests in each section which you can attempt as per your convenience. It consists of 14 premium questions which is accessible with payment. You need to purchase the premium plan to access more information on driving laws and other aspects. You are free to choose between our programmed 30 days and 90 days premium plans. The advantage of unlocking our premium package gives access to in-depth information.

Mock Theory Test

Topics Covered Extensively

The Basic Driving Theory Test covers specific topics relevant to Austria driving theory exam syllabus. They include,

  1. Right-of-way rules: Understanding about in scenarios like giving way at intersections, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, and other is vital.
  2. Speed Limits: Get to know about the speed limits for different roads and other limitations.
  3. Road markings: Interpreting certain types of road markings is necessary for safe driving on Austrian roads.
  4. Traffic Laws and Regulations: Awareness on Traffic legalities and rules is essential for overall driving knowledge on seatbelt, overtaking, parking, safety rules, alcohol limits, and more.
  5. Traffic signs and signals: Familiarise yourself with different traffic signs and signals and understand their significance.

For your Information:

  • 1. Speed Limits to follow: 50 km/hr in cities, 100 km/hr on Highways and 130 km/hr on freeways.
  • 2. Blood Alcohol Limit: 0.05%.
  • 3. Seatbelt and mobile phone laws are applicable to even passengers.

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